Prevcon: Safe Kids Prevention Convention, Baltimore, USA 2017


From the 26th to the 29th of July 2017 the city of Baltimore, USA has hosted the Safe Kids Worldwide Childhood Injury Prevention Convention , or PrevCon , as it is commonly known. The event, which celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Safe Kids Worldwide , gathered together more than 500 public health and safety professionals between American and International practitioners. The convention offered an important occasion to discuss, learn, share and exchange information and innovation with the aim of gaining a better impact for the children and their families.
The PrevCon consisted of four days sessions on the following theme:
Global Road Safety and Vulnerable Road Users
Child Passenger Safety: latest technologies, hospital-based programs
Road Safety and Teens
Pedestrian Safety in School Zones
Emerging solutions in Sports and Water Safety
Keeping Kids Safe at Home

A great range of material, including exhibits showcasing product demos, posters, info-packed sessions, has been presented on topics related to the children safety, connected to home, road, sports, water
Prochild and the University of Padua have taken part to the program with the presentation of their poster How to prevent choking injuries in pediatric ages . The poster referred to the problems connected to the choking injuries and aimed to propose new methods and tools for disseminating information about these injuries, the correct way to react and, above all, the prevention.
The presentation introduced the massive open on line course named SafeFood4Children that was realized with the participation of professionals such as Doctors, Researchers and Chefs de cuisine.