16th ASEAN Pediatric Federation Congress 2017, Yangon, Myanmar


From the 21st to the 24th September the city of Yangon, Myanmar, has hosted the 16th ASEAN Pediatric Federation Congress of 2017 .
This year the event has had a global reach by attracting an international audience with the main theme: " Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being of ASEAN children ".
On the occasion, Prof Gregori presented the study entitled "Epidemiological surveillance of foreign bodies injuries in children: the experience of the Susy Safe project in the ASEAN region ".
This project has been realized with the idea of involving an audience of pediatricians and health professionals in the ASEAN area, by highlighting the activities carried out in Malaysia with the collaboration of the Susy Safe project. The main aims were to introduce new area doctors for the development of projects in neighboring countries and the enlargement of data collection on pediatric suffocation cases.
Prochild participated with a dedicated space in the exhibition stand area inside the congress for the entire duration of the same. Its presence was fundamental for the dissemination of informative material related to the SafeFood4Children project and specially to give awareness of the results achieved in Malaysia to all the participants of the congress and involve them in similar activities in their own counties.
During the event, the SafeFood4Children Course, realized in Malaysia, has been shown to the conference audience. It consisted in 7 videos registered in English and Malaysian languages which put in evidence themes like: Airway Obstruction Mechanism in Children, The Anatomy of Choking, Hazardous Food Products, How to Prepare Hazardous Food Products, How to Cook Easy and Safe Meals, Performing the Heimlich Maneuver on a Child and Potentially Hazardous Non-Food Objects.
All the videos have been realized with the participation of professionals of excellence such as: Prof. Dr. Balwant Singh Gendeh, Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh and the Chef Moh Johari Edrus Sam s Groceria.

The complete course realized in Malaysia can be viewed through the website : www.safefood4children.org
The registration to SafeFood4Children and the video are free.