Recommendations for the prevention of organic foreign bodies aspiration


The paper Recomendaciones sobre la prevención de la aspiración de cuerpos extraños orgánicos (Recommendations for the prevention of organic foreign bodies aspiration) has been issued on the Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria 2017 Oct 1;115(5):512-516. doi: 10.5546/aap.2017.512 and it has benne written by Dr. Hugo Rodríguez, Dra. Giselle Cuestas, Prof. Dario Gregori, Dr. Giulia Lorenzoni, Dr. Susana Tortosa, Dr. Máximo Rodríguez D´Aquila, Dr. Juan A. Rodríguez D´Aquila, Dr. Sandra Carrera y Prof. Dr. Desiderio Passali.
The study wants to highlight how the foreign body aspiration remains a common and serious pediatric problem. In most of the cases the foreign bodies are food and the injuries happen at the presence of adults, therefore it is crucial to disseminate information to parents and caregivers about choking hazards and how to avoid them. The paper points out the hazardous, presents recommendations on age-appropriate meals and promotes prevention.

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