APHA Annual Meeting and Expo 2017


APHA s Annual Meeting and Expo this year, has taken place in Atlanta form the 4th to the 8th November.
The theme was "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Climate Changes Health."
On this occasion it has been presented the Food choking injuries prevention in children: The Malaysian SafeFood4Children experience a video realized by Prof. Dario Gregori and Dr. Giulia Lorenzoni (University of Padua, Italy) Mrs. Solidea Baldas (Prochild NPO - Protecting Children Onlus, Trieste, Italy ), Hardip Singh Gendeh (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Balwant Singh Gendeh (National University Hospital Malaysia Medical Center -UKMMC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
During the event it has been highlighted the importance of the Susy Safe Registry in showing the incredibly high percentage of choking injuries in children between 0 and 14 years, caused by food, and happened in presence of adults. Great emphasis has been given to the series of videos, freely available, produced by SafeFood4Children, created as on-line courses, to promote the prevention and to reduce the problems related to food chocking in the children. Moreover it has been pointed out the professional and accademical collaboration with the National University of Malaysia which gained significant result, drawing the attention of local government authorities, instituting Malaysia as a role model.