Inmetro and Susy Safe: an international collaboration to promote the prevention of accidents among Brazilian consumers.


During the Brazilian Consumer Week, Inmetro (Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology), warns parents and health professionals about the conscious use of products for children to prevent serious injuries or tragedies due to accidental aspirations or ingestion of objects, toys or parts of toys.
In 2017, Inmetro monitoring system (Sinmac) revealed that 49% of the injuries reported was due to suffocation, inhalation and ingestion caused by objects derived from products for babies and children. Of all the injuries reported by the parents, this type of injury corresponded to the 26% of the records. The most affected age group was from 0 to 3 years.
The Susy Safe registry works with Inmetro providing data on objects (food and non-food) that cause injury more frequently with the shared goal of informing both governments and citizens. Click here to see the complete article on Inmetro.gov.br.